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Handheld Trinity 2 Bracket

Handheld Trinity 2 Bracket

SKU: CP2024

Bracket has Arri locating pin holes w/ 3/8-16 thread on sides and back and Mini HD Monitor pin holes w/ 1/4-20 thread on back

You will be able to mount handles on the sides.

Has hole pattern to mount a t&g. As well.

Can be mounted on SteadyCam as well.

We have a Underslung attachment available.

$1,550.00 U.S.D.

Kit price includes

1: Main Bracket x 1

2: 2” Heb Extension x 2

3: Arri to Rosette Adapter x 2

4: Rosette to 19mm Clamp x 2

5: 4” 3/4 Post to Control x 1

6: Docking Mount x1

7: 3” 5/8 Post x 1

8: Touch and Go Plate x 1

Handles not included.

Additional accessories available.

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