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"Salvador Gonzalez has been designing and machining for the motion picture industry for decades.  He is a master machinist who understands the need for both precision and timely delivery of products.  He has manufactured many camera brackets, plates and matt box shades for me over the years, and they have never failed.  His charming attitude makes him a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services."

“Litepanels’ business relationship with Sal Gonzalez goes back to its origin . His attention to detail and precision machine work has been exceptional in producing a number of accessories for our products”-President of LITE PANELS

"I have known and worked with Sal for the past five years. He has particular workmanship as a machinist,he has high standards as a business owner, and a big heart as a human being. Sal has gone out of his way to help me out several times with my needs as a cameraman/steadicam operator. Sal has designed new parts for my steadicam from scratch, and he has also fixed other parts that broke on my equipment. I always recommend his work to my colleagues with full confidence!"

"Amazing machine work!!! Items for Camera Assistants, and also custom work; I picked up an awesome Alexa cheeseplate for Steadicam use! Sal and his son Sal Jr. are great people that know how to listen and incorporate what AC's and Operator's need."

"I'm a 1st AC here in Canada and I just want to say, it's a relief to see this kind of attention to detail and precision in camera accessories finally!! I've been so tired of dealing with all the mass produced garbage out there that people pass off as real camera accessories." - Camera Operator

Shane Gordon

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